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The game lasts longer 12 years a 193 days  -   registered 129 and is online now 5 players
90. era lasts from 10.1.2017 to 19.2.2017.
the end of an epoch remain 28 days

     Online strategy game is a virtual antique world where players utkávají together to fight for honor and glory. The game
  was launched July 16, 2004 and since then it has played thousands of players. Sign up for free and even those transferred in time to
  ancient heroes, Become one of them. is one of the oldest games on Czech Internet. Originally, the game functioned
  domain In April 2006, the game was moved to a new domain and became one of the first "European" sites
  after sunrise period. today they have Players can choose one of six nations or remain pilgrims. The game has eight kinds of buildings
  four kinds of units, 2 kinds of attacks, intelligence, wide communication system and a lot of other players details serving to enrich
  games. From the very beginning of the game, the results eras recorded so veterans can recall how he did at the dawn of this virtual
  ancient world.

                                                                                                                                                                           Biocid, admin